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Spring Balance vs. Cords and Weights – what sash windows system choose

When it comes to sash windows, you really can’t go wrong. The design is timeless and can work perfectly in any type of home. But when picking a sash window, you have to consider one very important thing aside from just looks – the mechanisms within. Over the years, two distinct types of sash windows have proved to be viable options – spring and balance systems, and cords and weights systems. Keep reading to find out which is the best for you!

Weights and pulleys

This is the traditional system used in sash windows. Originally, sash windows were always operated using cast iron weights. The weights were installed within a box that was built into each side of the window. These are the main operators of the window’s opening mechanism, which can be manipulated using a piece of sash cord that travels over a pulley located in the top corner of the window. This cord attaches to the sash, making it possible for it to move smoothly. The most important part of this design is that the weight chosen must be a very close match to the weight of a sash, as otherwise a proper counterbalance can’t be achieved.

Spring balance

The spring balance system is the new standard for used more commonly in sash windows. Though the counterbalancing principle stays similar to the weight and pulley system, it’s achieved in a different way. These windows utilise a PVC tube, in which there are two springs installed which allow for the counterbalancing to take place. Though it’s always made using this material, windows nowadays usually come with a balances cover that matches the rest of the timber window in its looks. That way, even this type of window can be implemented into homes of any possible style.

Which should I choose?

You really can’t go wrong with sash windows, and both of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one best suits your home largely depends on your location, the reveals in your window opening, and the overall effect you want to achieve. Go with weight and pulley windows if you really want to recreate that authentic, historic feel. Spring balance windows will fit in perfectly with most buildings and won’t reduce the amount of light coming in, and they’re cheaper to boot!